Abri-Form Premium Disposable Pads


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Abri-Form Premium Tabbed Nappies

The Abena Abri-Form products are a premium product and is one of the only ‘cloth back ‘ products we hold. 

Abena is an excellent premium product due to its high quality and capacities.

These nappies are a unisex design and have 4 double seal tabs which are resealable using the double tab method.

Well known professional product and much loved by the users, elastic waistband, quick absorption, odour system, distinct wetness indicator and graduation scale.

  • Full breathability
  • Soft, comfortable and noiseless
  • Optimal leakage protection provided by soft and reliable leakage barriers extended right to the edge and built-in cross barriers at the rear.
  • Unique Top Dry system providing a dry surface and rapid absorption.
  • Excellent absorption
  • Flexible tape equipped with adhesive and hooks to allow for repositioning
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale –for better indication of capacity use.
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached
  • Nordic Eco-Label
  • Dermatologically tested


Products available in this listing are as follows   Note -Each product contains a different number of pads:

  • 43050 Abri-Form Junior Hip size: 40-60 cm Absorbency level: 1500 ml  – 32/pack.  4 packs/carton
  • 43055 Abri-Form S2  Hip size: 60-85 cm  Absorbency level: 1800 ml  – 28/pack.  3 packs/carton
  • 43056 Abri-Form S4  Hip size: 60-85 cm  Absorbency level: 2200 ml  – 22/pack.  4 packs/carton
  • 43063 Abri-Form  M4  Hip size: 70-110 cm, 3600ml Capacity – 14/pack. 4 packs/carton
  • 43068 Abri-Form L4   Hip size: 100-150 cm  Absorbency level: 4000 ml  – 12/pack. 4 packs/carton
  • 43071 Abri-Form  XL4   Hip size: 110-170 cm  Absorbency level: 4000 ml – 12/pack. 4 packs/carton

Price includes discreet delivery – lower prices for pickup orders.


Select from

  • Sample (2 nappies)
  • Pack
  • Carton – Note. The Number of packs per carton varies. (Save 5%)

Additional information

Weight3.1 kg
Dimensions44 × 34 × 33 cm

43050, 43055, 43056, 43056, 43063, 43068, 43071




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