DriNites – 8-15 years x 9 units – Two PACKs


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DriNites -8-15 years x 9 units – Two PACKs

DriNites need no introduction for those families that need protection from bedwetting accidents, we are pleased to be able to offer 2 packs each with 9 pants for DriNites.

DriNites have been around for many years and are the go-to quality product for children with bedwetting problems.  They slide on like a normal pair of pant, and can either be slid off if going to the toilet normally or they have an easy tear system on the sides that allow the product to be ripped off quickly and disposed of.

There is often a stigma for the wearer, however, the manufacturers are keen to take this away with the wearing of these products and have designed them to look like normal underwear the boys variety has a design of a Yfront (non-functional) on them.  The designs change from time to time.

There are various sizes in these products, however currently we only have stock of the larger size which is measured in the age range of 8-15 years, which would fit most children in that range.

These products are the new design with the double leg guard to hold in any flooding that may happen when urination occurs.

You will receive two packs of 9 units packed discreetly – The price includes delivery.

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