Nappy Goo Rash Cream -100g Tube


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Nappy Goo – Nappy Rash Cream – 100g Tube

We have heard great things about this product now is your chance to use it!

Nappy Goo nappy rash cream is an excellent product that is made in Australia for Australians.

We have all suffered from Nappy Rash during our life, and one way to help reduce the effects of a wet nappy to to look after your skin.
100g net. Tube
Simply apply to the nappy area when changing to prevent, manage and treat the symptoms and the effect of nappy rash which is of course very unpleasant.


    • Zinc oxide provides a soothing and protective barrier on top of the skin that protects the skin from moisture and irritants.
    • Hamamelis water, also known as witch hazel water, has gentle astringent properties that help to reduce fluid loss from the skin.
    • Melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil, has mild antiseptic properties.


Other ingredients in Nappy Goo cream are calcium hydroxide, oleic acid, olive oil, purified water, and wool fat (lanolin).

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