Overnight Booster Pads


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Overnight Booster Pads

Rearz incredible flow-through boosters – the ultimate solution for a comfier and more enjoyable diaper experience!

These boosters are here to revolutionize your diaper game, offering unmatched comfort and exciting features. Let’s dive into what makes them so fantastic:

Unbeatable Fit: With dimensions of approximately 48cm x 15cm (19″ x 6″), our boosters are designed to fit perfectly inside most brief sizes. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a snug and cozy fit!

Supercharged Overnight Booster Pads  Get ready for a diaper upgrade! Our flow-through boosters boast an astonishing 2500ml capacity, giving you extra absorbency like never before. No more worries about leaks or accidents – these boosters have got you covered.

Versatile Wonder: These boosters are multi-talented! Whether you prefer tab-style briefs, pull-on briefs, plastic pants, or pocket diapers, our boosters are compatible with them all. Embrace the flexibility and enjoy the freedom to use them wherever you need an extra boost!

Stay in Place: Our boosters feature a convenient adhesive strip that keeps them securely in position. No more shifting or sagging – just pure comfort and confidence as you go about your day.

Playful Fragrance: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a light powder fragrance that adds a touch of freshness and fun. Enjoy a delightful scent that keeps you feeling fabulous throughout the day.

Bigger is Better: Get ready to be amazed! These boosters measure 1cm thick when dry and expand to a whopping 7cm when saturated. That’s a sevenfold increase in size – talk about impressive absorbency power!

Bag, or Case? If you’re ready to stock up, choose the convenience of a bag containing 24 boosters. And for the ultimate boostering experience, grab our case that includes a whopping 96 boosters (4 bags). The choice is yours!

Upgrade your diaper routine with our remarkable Overnight Boosters and enjoy a whole new level of comfort and fun. Say goodbye to worries and hello to carefree adventures!

Available in:

  • Bag: 24 boosters
  • Carton – 4 packs – save 7.5%

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Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm



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